Thursday, August 14, 2008

Up for Grabs - Grab Bags!

I finally went through some of the unmounted stamps that have been sitting around unused and some not even mounted on EZ Mount yet, and have put together several grab bags to sell. My loss is your gain. They are described below, as best I can:

Christmas Theme - 10 stamps on EZ Mount - $10
Photo Stamps - 2 stamps, 1 on EZ Mount, 1 on HALOS - $6
Chocolate Theme - 3 stamps, rubber only - $4
Grids and Frames - 3 stamps, 1 on EZ mount, others rubber only (ranging from +/- 2"-4" in size) - $8
TAC Nature Theme + bonus - At least 15 stamps, all rubber only - $10
Fall Theme - 6 Stamps, 4 rubber only - $5

All stamps will be sent in a padded envelope, shipping is extra (actual shipping) + $1 handling fee per package to cover cost of packaging and fuel.

I accept paypal (bank transfer only, no credit cards) or money orders. Email me via this blog with questions.

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