Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Very Soggy Saturday

Geez, we're on day #4 of rain, drizzle, downpour, and more of the same. We haven't had rain like this in I don't know how long, and while we really needed some moisture, I think most of us now really need to see the sunshine! I'm sure it will be peeking out at about 5:00 p.m. on Monday, at the end of the long weekend! With all this gloom, you'd think I'd want to stamp. Well, I DO want to stamp but I just can't motivate myself to do so.

Instead, I'm practicing on my blog. My friend Jacki at The Card Castle taught me how to make my hyperlinks show the name of the blog, website, etc., instead of the entire URL. Thanks, Jacki! If you don't already read her blog, click on her name or her blog's name above and take a peek. There's some good stuff there.

Tomorrow is our anniversary and Stan was going to take me out for dinner tonight. However, I'm having some "tummy trouble" today and don't feel all that great, so we cancelled. We'll shoot for this Thursday instead. The restaurant we're going to (not fancy but serving some of the best Montana beef ever!) has a to-die-for prime rib, which they serve only Thursday and Saturday evenings. If I'm going to have some of that delicious meat, I'm going to feel good so I can enjoy it!

I hope everyone is enjoying this weekend with friends and family, and remembering those who have served our country as well as those who continue to serve.

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jacki jones said...

I'm glad I could help!